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Our Mission


Be Yoga, Be Love provides yoga and creative arts programs for children and families that promote happy, healthy living. The holistic approach of our programs is designed to engage and nurture the whole child-mind, body and spirit. We are committed to supporting children in having a balanced lifestyle, while cultivating their self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Core Values

Each of our programs is designed from a set of fundamental vales:

Creativity – Children unleash their spirit by experimenting with a variety of art forms that engage all their senses. Our classes are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and inspire creativity.

Self-Expression – We encourage children to embrace their individuality and full self-expression. We value spontaneity and celebrate children’s willingness to share their thoughts and feelings freely.

Love – We promote children’s appreciation and love for themselves and others. We are committed to creating a warm, loving experience for all children who participate in our programs.

Community – We foster a supportive, welcoming environment for children and families. Children learn about sharing, build friendships, and gain a sense of belonging to a bigger community.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum integrates alternative heath and fitness practices, including yoga, meditation and movement with creative arts, such as drama, music, poetry, storytelling and visual art. We explore various forms of learning, which allow children to discover and build on their strengths. Each Class has a theme that teaches children skills and values that are essential to their success in school and in life. Children who participate in our programs experience feeling good about themselves, while learning about self-love and acceptance.

Benefits of Yoga in Education

Yoga for children is quickly gaining popularity in education and has become part of the classroom in many schools throughout the country. Yoga is now recognized as one of the most effective ways to support concentration, reduce stress and offer therapeutic benefits for all children including those with special needs and learning disabilities. The American yoga Association conducted a study of children’s yoga and based on the results, they highly recommend yoga relaxation and meditation practices for young people.

The benefits of yoga for children have been researched and proven by various health specialist and educators. On a physical level yoga helps to develop body awareness, tones the muscles, increases flexibility and stamina, aids in proper digestion, promotes sound sleep, improves posture and overall health. On a mental and spiritual level, yoga builds concentration self-esteem and balances the emotions.


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