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The curriculum’s of the Education Station are thematically based and encompass the major areas of development, incorporating many different media and materials to help students understand their external, inner, social and intellectual selves. The program is designed for small group learning with large group reinforcement whereby concentration capacities, self esteem and self discipline skills are fostered through appropriate curriculum’s.

In the case and education of children under the age of 2 1/2, the Education Station provides for four specific areas of development – unlike most programs that offer simply two programs. This four-tier developmental approach allows for a more intimate caliber of care for the critical first years of development. For Infant Care, ages 6 weeks – 12 months, the environment is a self contained facility providing primary caregivers at a 1:2.5 ratio (one caregiver for each 2.5 children). The atmosphere is designed for nurturing, stimulation and perceptual motor development. For safety and health reasons, the Infant Programs function autonomously.

The Pre-Toddler Group, ages 12/14 months to 16/18 months of age, is where socialization, articulation, sensory motor and group relations are patiently introduced and reinforced. This rapidly progressing group is constantly moving through structured and non-structured activities in an effort to refine motor skills, develop speech and relate to the group. Basic concepts such as shapes, colors, hand-eye coordination and manipulation of objects are introduced, however, proficiency in these areas is not expected. Teacher/student ratios for the Toddler Group are 1:3.5 In the third and fourth groups, under the age of three, the Toddlers (18-32 months) and Preschoolers (2-3) are afforded a great deal of creative play, exploration and self-discovery. Since speaking and motor skills have advanced, more formal activities and a level of mastering certain appropriate skills are anticipated.

Motor skills are refined; gross to finer skills are developed. Self-discipline and control as well as self-esteem are promoted and preliminary academic concepts are introduced; ABC’s, 123’s, days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes and individual expression of creativity are introduced and reinforced. It is within this environment that children are prepared for Pre-Kindergarten. The teacher/student ratio is 1:5 Bathroom/potty training is conducted within the Toddler and Pre-School groups. Specific techniques are used at the appropriate time to make training a positive and rewarding experience.

The Pre-K groups, 3 through 4 years of age, are graduating in structure and offer an extensive variety of activities, both academic and creative, to prepare students for Kindergarten. Fine motor skills are developed in to writing skills, gross motor skills are enhanced through formal dance and music instruction, preliminary math skills and reading readiness, vocabulary building and introduction to computers are implemented at developmentally appropriate levels.

The Pre-K groups are enriching and stimulating learning environments that more than prepare students for Kindergarten. Pre-K groups never exceed a 1:6 ratio.

Kindergarten is the culmination of the education and social experience at the Education Station. It is within this developmental arena that the concepts and skills previously introduced come to personal fruition. Our objectives for Kindergarten graduates simply stated: reading at or above Grade 1 level, addition and subtraction proficiency, making change of a dollar, telling time, operating a computer, speaking comfortably before a group, introductory science, geography, history and exposure to a foreign language, counting by 2, 5, 10s and test taking skills and techniques.

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